design and development


HENPEN mainly produces plastic racket accessories, including Bumper and grommets for racket sport, tennis damper, grips, sleeves, ball clips, etc. It also manufactures other sports equipment accessories and bicycle parts. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers and have a professional design and development team that can provide 2D and 3D drawings for customer confirmation. Our service scope covers all aspects, including professional evaluation, mold design, mold opening, proofing, all the way to mass production injection molding of accessories. Through this series of processes, we ensure that our products meet standards and cater to our customers' specific requirements. With customer satisfaction as its primary goal, the company not only provides high-quality products, but is also committed to providing customers with comprehensive and professional solutions. We look forward to working with customers to create better products with our technical strength and excellent services.


Plastic injection molds


HENPEN focuses on manufacturing precision injection molds and forming molds. We are committed to cooperating with customers to develop and design precision plastic injection molds based on customer needs. In this professional field, we have rich experience and excellent technical strength. Our team is able to provide tailor-made solutions based on customer needs to meet complex and highly precise mold requirements. Not only that, we use our excellent design and development capabilities to create value for customers and ensure the high quality and performance of our products.

Plastic injection


We have an experienced plastic injection team responsible for mold testing and mass production. The factory is equipped with multiple molding machines ranging from 90 tons to 180 tons to meet production needs of different scales. The company has a variety of plastic materials. We can provide customers with professional advice and material selection based on the product's functional and appearance needs. Commonly used materials in the factory include nylon (PA), glass fiber reinforced nylon (PA+GF), nylon elastomer (PEBAX), polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), Polycarbonate (PC), ABS and other plastic materials.

Development flow chart

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